The City of Ember


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Hey Guys,

In class, we have been reading a very entertaining novel called the city of Ember.

It is about a city that is always dark and the supplies are running low………. The two main characters , Lina and Doon both are very the jobs each other want in assignment day. They swap jobs and go on with their new careers. Doon has a temper, but is very adventurous and wants to make a strong difference to the city of Ember. Lina is curious, adventurous and absolutely loves being a messenger. We haven’t got far into the book yet, with us only up to chapter 8 , so don’t spoil it!

Whats your favourite part of the City of Ember?? Have you seen the movie?? Please comment your stories and thoughts!!

Keep Happily Blogging,

Sophie 🙂


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Hey Soph,
It is such a great book and cannot wait to read more…just solve that mystery already!! I haven’t seen the movie but it would be really good from what we have read in the book! Hope you went great in Netball!


Hey, Sophie I like your blog. My name is Sabrina and I saw your blog on the loong list of people in the Student Blogging Challenge 2011. I love your blog and I saw the movie City Of Amber. I’m going to put your blog link on my blog
Bye see you in the blogging world.

Thanks Liana! I certainly did! 🙂

Hi Sophie,
My name is Esme. I heared about this book but I never actally read it. I really like your blog! I saw your name on the list for the Student Blogging Challenge 2011. I also participate in a blogging challenge at my school. Here is a link to my blog:


Thanks Esme! I will check out your blog! 🙂

Wow! This seems like a very exciting book! I also have several book reviews on my blog, even an historical fiction! So, here is the link to my blog:

Thanks! I will definitely have a look!

Hi Sophie,

I love ur blog!!!
That sounds like a great book..I will definitly read it…
Ur widgets are really cool too…

Visit my blog at

Thanks Ananya! I will have a look at your blog! 🙂

Hey Sophie,
I have also read The City of Ember Series It is a good series and is full of Adventure. Keep up the good work!

Thanks Meghan!!!

I read this also! It was good. How does an author think of something that crazy? It’s beyond me! Great blog!


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