The Weird but True test!


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Hi Bloggers,

Have you ever wondered how cold something was, or what animal can look in both directions?
Try this test! Weird but true test

Totally weird….

See ya soon,

Soph πŸ™‚

This post was written for the student blogging challenge October 2012

Live While We’re Young!


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Urgent news!! 1D has just released a new song..Live while we’re young!


Enjoy! Have great holidays as well! πŸ™‚
Soph xx πŸ™‚



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Hi Everyone,

I’m really sorry for not writing a post in ages….

I’m sure everyone has recently tuned into watching the London 2012 Olympics! After about a 3 week break, the PARALYMPICS have just started.

The Paralympics is very interesting and amazing to watch! You watch lots of people with disabilities, have a go and achieve their dream of becoming a champion . And they do! They aren’t as high- profiled as the actual Olympians but they work even harder to achieve their dream. Whether missing a limb, having a physical or mental disability, these champions are just phenomenal in their sports!

At the moment , I am pretty sure Australia is coming 2nd on the leaderboard to China!

GO AUS!! πŸ™‚

Bye for now,

Sophie πŸ™‚



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Hey Readers,

Sorry for not posting for a while. I will try to write more posts.

Bit guess what….It’s nearly time for HOLIDAYS! Only 1 more day to go….YAY!

What are you doing in the holidays? Are you going to a camp of some sort? Are you going away?

I will definitely be catching up with friends and probably going away! I am so excited!

If you have something interesting to tell me about your holidays, fell free to comment on this post!

Thanks and keep blogging,

Sophie πŸ™‚

The Olympic Games


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Hi Everyone,

Sorry for not posting for a while…….I’ve been extremely busy!

Well, as you most likely probably know, the Olympic Games are soon! Only 67 days to go……

Are any of you guys going to the olympics?? It would definitely be a spectacular event to go and watch!

There are so many sports to go and watch….I will definitely be watching it on the telly!

Bye for now,

Soph πŸ™‚



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Hey Everyone,

It is nearly time for Easter……………..AND Loads of CHOCOLATE!!!

Good Friday is the day when Jesus was crucified on the cross . On Easter Sunday, 2 days after Jesus had died, he rose again for us. Easter is a time when we remember God and Jesus and how forgiving they were for us.

Chocolate is definitely an important part in Easter celebrations. Chicks represent new life , which was what Jesus has done ( reborn).Β  In my family, we get all our Easter chocolate on Easter Sunday and that lasts us about 6 months!! πŸ™‚

I also go to the Easter Show at Sydney Olympic Park. At the Easter Show, we normally look at all the animals , interesting exhibitions , rides and showbags!! πŸ™‚
Easter is definitely a special family time for everyone !

Happy Easter!


Sophie πŸ™‚

Sydney Kings


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Hey Bloggers,

Sorry for not writing a post for a while……but I’m back!!

Last Wednesday, our year was lucky enough to have a visit from the Sydney Kings. We only had an hour with 2 of them but playing games was really fun!

Our year was lucky enough to get tickets to the game on Saturday. Sadly , I couldn’t attend but according to my friend Laura it was a great game but the Sydney Kings lost to the Wollongong Hawks :(.

Do you support a sports team such as the Sydney Kings?? Did you go to the game at the Sydney Entertainment Centre on Saturday night??

I would love to hear from you all!

Love , Peace and Chocolate,

Sophie πŸ™‚

The City of Ember


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Hey Guys,

In class, we have been reading a very entertaining novel called the city of Ember.

It is about a city that is always dark and the supplies are running low………. The two main characters , Lina and Doon both are very the jobs each other want in assignment day. They swap jobs and go on with their new careers. Doon has a temper, but is very adventurous and wants to make a strong difference to the city of Ember. Lina is curious, adventurous and absolutely loves being a messenger. We haven’t got far into the book yet, with us only up to chapter 8 , so don’t spoil it!

Whats your favourite part of the City of Ember?? Have you seen the movie?? Please comment your stories and thoughts!!

Keep Happily Blogging,

Sophie πŸ™‚


Back to School…………….for another year of learning!


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Hi Bloggers,

I hope you had fantastic summer holidays! I am very sorry for not writing a post in a while but I am going to be bringing more awesome stuff to you through year 6 !!

I have just had my first day back at school and found out who my new teacher was going to be……………………….Mr Armstrong.

Unfortunately as I’m not in year 5 anymore I will not be following year 5 rc as much. But now I am following Year 6 RC!

Mrs Miller will still be blogging with all of the year 6 students as she is teaching the other year 6 class. I hope you got a great new teacher and have great 2012 school year ahead!!

Love, Peace and Chocolate,

Sophie πŸ™‚

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


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Hey People who are visiting my blog,

Sorry for not writing in a while but……………………………………..Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas full of joy and happiness! Remember , that Baby Jesus was also born on Christmas day so we should be very thankful that God created him for us.

I hope everyone got wonderful presentsΒ  – I sure did! – and had a wonderful Christmas lunch on a finally SUNNY day in SydneyΒ  , YAY!

I can’t wait for the New Years Eve fireworks too, they will be a blast full of colour for the beginning of a new year – 2012!

Where are you going to be located on New Years Eve?? I will be at home, watching the live entertainment on the television.
I hope you have great summer holidays and a Fantastic New Year!

Sophie πŸ™‚

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